To date, we have held 4 Stand Up Paddle competitions in Jávea.


The first SUP race was held on November 15, 2015.

With a total of 66 participants across the categories of children, junior, all round, elite 12’6″ and elite 14″.

It was one of the final races of the season, out of a total of 8 races in the Mediterranean Circuit, held annually in the Valencian Community.

The start line was on the beach, with a a course inbetween buoys of about 2,610m with the finish line in the same area of beach as the start. The distance of each race varied with each category.

The alevin and infant categories raced a distance of around 500m, junior and amateur completed 1 lap, all round completed 2 laps and elite 12’6″ and 14 feet completed 3 laps.


This race was held on November 13, 2016 and with the same route as the previous edition.

With a total of 97 participants across the categories of alevín, juvenil, infantil, amateur, all round, elite 12’6″ and elite 14′.

The winners were: in male infant Lucas Cebreiros, female infant Sheila Sirvent, male juvenile Pablo Iglesias, alevín Carlos Martínez, amateur Jose Mª Ávila, all round male Santi Cantó, all round female Majo Pellicer, elite 12’6″ male James Van Drunen, elíte 12’6″ female Elvira Vives (Jávea) and elite 14′ Antonio Torres.


The 3rd edition of the Jávea Beach Race was held on November 12, 2017 and with the same route as the previous ones.

With a total of 86 participants across the categories of sub 8, sub 10, sub 12, sub 14, sub 16, sub 18, amateur, all round, elite 12, 6 and elite 14 feet.

The winners were: sub 8 male Oscar Alba Cabot, sub 8 female Berta Ferre, sub 10 male Carlos Martínez, sub 10 female Laia Ferre, sub 12 male Fernando Brotons, sub 12 female Indira García, sub 14 male Nando Gómez, sub 14 female Vanesa García, sub 16 male Gorka Miguelez, sub 18 male Lucas Cebreiros, male amateur Carlos Bou, female amateur María Navarro, all round male Diego Mon, all round female Loles Albiol, elite 12’6″ male Jordi Simon, elite 12’6″ female Sheila Sirvent, elite 14′ amle Rafael Sirvent and elite 14′ female Sofia Tros de Ilarduya


Composed of 2 races representing two disciplines, surfski and stand up paddle, the latter being also the final race of the Mediterranean Circuit SUP Race 2018.

This competition was held on November 17 and 18, 2018. On Saturday the 17th the surfski competition took place and on Sunday the 18th was the stand up paddle race. Both races were to be held from Arenal beach, but the stand up paddle race had to change to the La Grava beach area in the port due to poor sea conditions.

There were 17 participants in the surfskirace. The winners were: male veteran Juan Carlos Sanchez, male cadet Antonio Gil, male K1 Maik Dimitrov junior, male senior K1 Jorge Bachero, male senior OC1 Isaac García and male veteran OC1 Jose Juan Jimenez.

For the SUP race there were a total of 66 participants and the winners were: sub 8 category Gregory Bashnin (Jávea), sub 12 Carlos Martínez, sub 14 male Ivan de Frutos, sub 14 female Vanesa García, male amateur Angel Ortiz, female amateur Loles Albiol, elite 12’6″ male Jose Manuel Martínez, elite 12’6″ female Helene Reigadas, elite 14′ male James Van Drunen, elite 14′ female Russian Aphrodite, Master 40+ Daniel Parrés and Kahuna 50+ Julio Pérez.

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